Fugues & Preludes, twenty two paintings of Virginia Bryant, opens at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams Massachusetts, Thursday October 3 and will show through Saturday November 2

The exhibition this fall is a selection of Fugues & Preludes  The new Preludes are a continuation of the momentum achieved with Fugue States. The intent is further liberation and expansion of painting processes as multiple views of new possibilities, harmonically integrated with seemingly dissonant elements to discover new compositions.

This exhibition, with both Preludes and Fugues, is now on view at the Eclipse gallery in North Adams MA, a huge industrial room which is a welcome and new opportunity. The space there is generous. I have matched that generosity, partially with  expansions into larger sizes for the newer Preludeum series.

These paintings translate experience into fusions of liberties gained in modernism into new freedoms. It is through painting that I aim to make my contribution by sharing these experiences of flow & transcendence, clarified & expanded.

I am interested in how music and painting intersect and making paintings more musical in structure and effect.

Patterns, rhythms and metaphoric transformations such as alchemy, taoist thought, music and poetry have had and continue to have significant influences on my thought and work.

The Eclipse Mill Gallery is located in the Eclipse Mill at 243 Union Street in North Adams Massachusetts and is open from Noon to 6 PM Thursdays - Sundays.

For more information call Ralph Brill, Director of Ralph Brill Gallery Productions at 413-664-4353 for viewing appointments, interviews, imagery and more information..